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10 Takeaways From President Tinubu’s Democracy Day Speech

President Bola Tinubu marked the 25th Anniversary of Unbroken Democracy in Nigeria with a compelling address on Democracy Day, June 12, 2024. In his speech, he reflected on the nation’s journey from the struggles of military rule to becoming Africa’s most populous democracy.

Paying tribute to the heroes of the democratic movement and emphasizing the importance of sustaining democratic values, Tinubu outlined his commitment to protecting citizens’ rights and pushing forward with vital economic reforms. His call for unity and perseverance underscores the ongoing efforts to secure a brighter, more democratic future for Nigeria.

Tribute to Heroes: He pays tribute to the individuals who sacrificed their lives for the nation’s democratic struggle, including MKO Abiola, Kudirat Abiola, General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, and others.

Role of Activists and Journalists: Tinubu acknowledges the contributions of pro-democracy activists, journalists, and media establishments in fighting against military dictatorship.

Democracy as a Way of Life: He emphasizes that democracy is more than just holding elections; it is a way of life that includes freedom of speech, liberty, and peaceful transitions of power.

Commitment to Democracy: Tinubu vows to protect the rights, freedoms, and liberties of Nigerian citizens and pledges to cement democracy as the nation’s way of life.

Economic Reforms: He acknowledges the economic challenges facing Nigeria and highlights ongoing reforms aimed at creating a stronger economic foundation for future growth.

Labour Relations: Tinubu discusses negotiations with organized labour on a new national minimum wage, emphasizing the importance of cooperation over conflict in resolving disputes.

Principled Leadership: He underscores the importance of reasoned discussion and principled compromise in democratic governance.

Call to Action: Tinubu urges Nigerians to embrace the challenges of the future and to continue moving forward together toward progress and prosperity.

Preservation of Democracy: He calls on citizens to keep the fire of democracy burning and to preserve it for future generations, ending with a blessing for the Federal Republic of Nigeria and a wish for a Happy Democracy Day.


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