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Behold! The One Million Naira Sallah Ram Waiting for Buyer in Kaduna

One of the greatest attraction in this year’s eid kabir (layya) celebration in Kaduna state is a ram that is selling for cool one million naira .

When the Tribune online visited the ram market in Waffroad (Muhammadu Buhari way) at the central Kaduna metropolis,the owner Simply identified as Adamu from Dorayi in Kano state said the price of the ram is one million naira.

“This ram you are seeing is one million naira, he told Tribune online

The news of this ram attracted prospective buyers who rush to have a glimpse of the ram.

In an interview with Adamu, he told the Tribune online that the economic situation in the country contributed in no small measure to the rising cost of the rams in the market.

He said, last year he sold something like that for N500,000 to N600,000, saying, we just brought few rams to the market because the cost of transporting has trippled compared to last year (2023).

“Every thing just jumped up at once. The cost of feeding the ram is extremely expensive. The cost of looking after it’s health,transportation etc.So this contributed to the current pricing.

However, he said people have been pricing it for N700,000,N 800,000 but he said he’s only ready to sell for N950,000 .

In an interview with a prospect customer,Alh Shehu Abubakar, he said he priced it for N800,000, but the owner according to him declined the offer.

When asked why would him spend a huge amount for layya,he said he is also going to sell it.

“i’m willing to buy it at that amount N800,000. if he’s willing to sell for me, he insisted.


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