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Fear of a New Epidemic Pushes President Putin to Collaborate with Africa

Russia is in the process of strengthening its relationship with Africa by actively investing in the continent’s healthcare sector. This intention was made known by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. He noted that for its part, Russia is prepared for close ties with Africa in the area of healthcare.

The president whose intentions were read by the head of Rospotrebnadzor (the Federal agency that works to provide oversight and control of wellbeing and consumer rights and protection of the citizens of the Russian), Anna Popova, relayed his intentions during his address to the guests and participants of the First Joint Russian-African International Conference on Combating Infectious Diseases, as reported by the Russian newspaper Sputnik.

This new cooperation is not only propelled by the prospect of a new disease outbreak, but also by the fact that Africa is vulnerable to such risks.

“The risk of new global epidemics and the spread of already known dangerous diseases remains very high. The African continent is particularly vulnerable to these challenges and needs to accelerate the development of medical, scientific, and technological capabilities to protect the population from various infections. And Russia, for its part, is ready for the most active cooperation in this most important branch of health care,” the president said.

The Russian President has affirmed the dispatch of ten mobile laboratories equipped with advanced biological protection to African nations. Additionally, over 350 specialists will undergo training, and multiple collaborative scientific studies will be initiated as part of the 2023 program aimed at bolstering sanitary and epidemic welfare in Africa.

The conference participants, who include representatives from specialized government agencies and services, doctors, epidemiologists, and microbiologists from two dozen countries, will be able to share professional developments and experience in preventing and responding to infectious disease outbreaks, the Russian President noted.




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