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Group Rallies Support For Soludo’s Seedling Policy

The Solution Promoters’ Forum have thrown weight behind the seedling policy of the Governor Chukwuma Soludo-led administration.

The Group which is committed to engendering good governance and shaping governance, explores ways to aid government achieve tangible results that will benefit the citizens on a sustainable basis.

ANN recall that since inception, the present government has distributed over one million palm and coconut seedlings, among other agricultural policies.

To support this initiative and to further give impetus to the policy, the group is advocating introduction of Songai farming to the state, a holistic sustainable approach to farming that integrates crop cultivation, fish farming, and animal husbandry.

The Songai farm system involves using natural inputs such as organic fertilizer, compost, and livestock manure to boost soil fertility and increase crop yields. It also incorporates the use of renewable energy sources such as solar power and biogas to power irrigation systems and livestock feed mills.

The group proposes that if the Songai farming is institutionalised in the state, its main objectives of generating income, proving food security and creating employment opportunities for local communities while promoting sustainable agricultural practices that protect the environment, will be achieved.

The visionary founder and director of Songhai Centre, Prof. Fr. Godfrey Nzamujo, is expected as guest speaker at the Forum’s annual Congress, later today.

The title of his presentation is; “Zero Poverty, Zero Hunger Initiatives in Songhai Agriculture: Aligning with Governor Soludo’s Agricultural Policies.

If eventually domesticated in Anambra State, Songhai Centres will be established within the three senatorial zones of the State which will potentially serve as hubs of agricultural innovation, providing needed training and resources to farmers, with particular reference to unemployed graduates.


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