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Meet Nigerian Female Engineer Who Invented ‘Smart Bra’ To Detect Cancer

In the world of technology and innovation, Nigerians have continued to scale up the ladder of success.

Their ground-breaking effort towards revolutionising the technology sector have been massive and impactful.

One of them is a Nigerian female robotics engineer, Kemisola Bolarinwa who has unveiled her pioneering invention in the health sector; the Smart Bra. The Bra, the engineer said, will help in detecting breast cancer at an early stage.

Bolarinwa who launched her company, Nextware Technologies in 2019, disclosed that the Smart Bra utilises cutting-edge ultrasound technology to detect breast cancer in its early stages, offering hope and potentially saving countless lives across Africa.

According to her, the innovative idea hinged on the prevailing breast cancer among women in Sub-Saharan Africa, with late diagnosis significantly impacting survival rates.

Inspired by the loss of her beloved aunt to the disease, Bolarinwa embarked on a mission to develop a solution that could empower women to detect breast cancer from the comfort of their homes.

“The pain of witnessing the suffering of women battling late-stage breast cancer fueled my determination to make a difference,” Bolarinwa said while giving an insight to the innovation.

The CEO emphasised on the need to leverage technology to break down barriers on early detection of breast cancer and improve outcomes for women in Africa and beyond.

She noted that the Smart Bra, poised to serve as a beacon of hope for communities where access to conventional screening services is limited.

On how the Smart Bra works, Bolarinwa said it will be equipped with mobile and web applications that will provide users with real-time results and empower them to take proactive steps towards their health.

“I envision a future where every woman, regardless of her location or socioeconomic status, can access life-saving breast cancer screening.

“Our mission is to make early detection accessible, affordable, and empowering for women across the globe,” she added

This invention has garnered accolades from both local and international stakeholders, including approval from Nigeria’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy.

Despite challenges such as sourcing raw materials and securing funding, Bolarinwa remains steadfast in her commitment to realising her vision of a world where breast cancer no longer claims lives unnecessarily.

Experts in the sector say the Smart Bra represents more than just a technological breakthrough; but embodies Bolarinwa’s unwavering dedication to driving societal change and empowering women in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

Through her leadership at Nextware Technologies and the Women in ICT Foundation, the robotics entrepreneur has continued to advocate for STEM education and gender equality, inspiring the next generation of innovators to break barriers and make a difference.


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