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NDLEA Arrested 80 Suspects, Seized 3,000kg Drugs in FCT in Three Months: Official

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has arrested over 80 suspected drug dealers with over 3,000kg of drugs in the Federal Capital Territory between January and March.

Commander of Narcotics, NDLEA, FCT Command, Kabir Tsukuwa, said this during an interview on Wednesday in Abuja.

Mr Tsakuwa said that over 50 suspects had been prosecuted adding that out of the number, 12 were convicted and sentenced to different jail terms.

He said that the command had been going after the drug peddlers and the records were there to show from the arrests and seizures over the years.

He added, “If not for the continuous effort of the agency and the command in particular, the drug situation in FCT and even the entire country would have been worst”.’’

The NDLEA commander said that the current situation of drug abuse in the FCT was not a peculiar one as it was the same world over.

Mr Tsakuwa said that drug abuse was a major concern to all countries of the world.

He said that regional and global bodies such as ECOWAS, EU and UNODC were advocating global concerted efforts to deal with the challenge of drug trafficking and abuse.

He said, “The drug situation varies from countries to countries, states to states and even localities.’’

According to him, the command has maintained consistent raids of drug joints within the FCT, even though it cannot be said to have been dismantled completely, noting that it is a continuous process.

“There is no society that is crime free, not even the developed world. In 2023 alone, we arrested over 500 suspects with over 7,000kg of assorted drug seizure and conviction of over 200 offenders,’’ he stated.

Mr Tsakuwa said that the issue of drug abuse was serious, adding that Nigerians must join in the continuous fight against the drug menace.

He emphasised that there was a strong nexus between drug abuse and other crimes such as kidnapping, insurgency, theft and armed robbery among others.

He added, “When drug abuse and trafficking is dealt with, the rise in other criminalities will certainly drop. Although, we have had cases where we carry out operations of drug joints, but the next minute, they are back again. Be that as it may, we shall continue to give in our best to ensure sustainable action in our efforts. We shall not rest until we achieve our desired goal of a drug-free environment in the Federal Capital Territory.’’




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