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Osogbo Residents Laud Senate’s Proposal of Death Penalty for Drug Traffickers

Across-section of residents in Osogbo, Osun, have hailed the Senate’s passage of an amendment to the NDLEA Act, which prescribes a death penalty for dealing in hard drugs.

The respondents, in separate interviews with journalists on Friday in Osogbo, said such punishment would deter reasonable people from getting involved in drug trafficking.

However, they advised that investigations into such offences should be thorough and unbiased so that only those guilty face punishment.

A resident, Michael Olusesi, said that if the law is given assent, security agencies would be expected to be more thorough in their investigation of drug-related cases.

“Security agencies involved in handling such crimes must be properly trained and checked to ensure they do the needful to avoid implicating innocent citizens and at the same time using it against perceived enemies,’’ he said.

Mr Olusesi called for concerted efforts by other sister security agencies to ensure that drug-related crimes are reduced.

Also speaking, Charles Adeyemi, an advocate for justice and human rights, said the law raised a very important question about its enforcement and application.

“It is also imperative that the Nigerian government demonstrate a genuine commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that justice is served for all,” Mr Adeyemi said.

He underscored the importance of prioritising the implementation of laws in the country rather than merely passing them for legislative accomplishment.

According to him, the Nigerian Senate deserves commendation for its recent bold decision to pass a bill recommending a death sentence for drug traffickers.

Also, Lateef Abiodun, a criminologist, said the Senate should extend the death penalty to corruption cases by public officers.

Mr Abiodun said that if the death penalty were prescribed for financial crimes, it would go a long way towards sanitising the country.

He commended the Senate for their doggedness in passing the bill into law and called for speedy assent.




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