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People Use to Quiz if I’m Yoruba or Igbo: Singer, Yemi Alade

“I was not aware of the cultural differences until later,” the singer said.

Singer Yemi Alade has opened up about her background, recounting her experiences growing up in a multi-cultural home.

The performing artist recently was a guest on the latest episode of the podcaast, Tea with Tay Podcast, where she candidly shared insights into her personal life. With a smile on her face, she described what it was like living in a blended family with a Yoruba father and an Igbo mother.

To her, home was simply home, and her parents were just “mum and dad.” Growing up in what she called a “shielded” environment, young Yemi Alade did not realise the cultural disparity between her parents. At the time, she said she was completely unaware of the stream of differences between both cultures outside her home.


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 She began, “I didn’t know that there was a difference growing up. First of all, I just had my mum and my dad. We were one of those families that had uncles, aunties, and cousins living with us. My dad was that kind of person, so we had people around.”

Continuing, she recalled how people outside tried to categorise her into either ethnic groups and not always in the nicest ways.

“I was not aware of the cultural differences until later, especially when people started arguing if I was Yoruba or Igbo. Some people would say ‘Omo Yoruba’ or ‘Omo Igbo,’ and it wasn’t said as a compliment. That’s when I noticed that there was a difference in cultures, and being born into a Yoruba and Igbo family isn’t so common. But one thing I got to enjoy about being in a multicultural family is the food. I get to eat both Igbo and Yoruba delicacies,” she added.

The singer attributed her deep appreciation for cultures and Africa to coming from her blended home.


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