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Police: Its A Criminal Offence for Nigerians to Cover their Vehicle Number Plates

The Nigeria Police Force has declared covering vehicle number plates without valid reasons to be a criminal offence.

Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the Force Public Relations Officer, made this known via X, formerly Twitter.

The police spokesman stressed the imperative requirement for registration numbers to be prominently displayed on vehicles continually.

Adejobi strongly condemned the widespread habit among vehicle owners and drivers of concealing their number plates without proper justification, citing the conduct as both erroneous and criminal.

He emphasised the crucial significance of vehicles being appropriately registered and reiterated the necessity for registration numbers to remain visibly displayed always.

Exceptions were detailed for specific high-ranking officials, notably “pennant officers” and heads of the executive, legislative, and judicial arms of the government.

He said the officials are permitted to affix pennants or flags bearing their office seals or ranks on their official vehicles.

However, Adejobi stressed that these symbols must be removed after 6 pm or in the absence of the officials from the vehicle, ensuring the continued visibility of registration numbers.

His words: “It is a common thing to see many vehicle owners and drivers to cover their number plates, for no reason; this is wrong and even criminal.

“You don’t cover your number plate for any reason. It is important and compulsory for all vehicles to be duly registered, so it’s compulsory to make reg. numbers visible at all times.

“This impunity must stop in Nigeria, and we need to know the right thing to do. Our officers and men and other traffic management agencies are aware of this and hereby urged to go after any violator, as such is criminal.

“It encourages recklessness and crimes with impunity. Let’s collectively kick against it.”


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