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Protecting the Nigerian Child from the Dangers of Online Technology

Children’s Day is held on May 27, every year in Nigeria. The day is mapped out to celebrate and raise awareness on issues that affect Nigerian children with a view to addressing them and giving support to children.

Although it is not a public holiday in Nigeria, children are given a day off to celebrate with their families. The day is celebrated with parades, parties and cultural activities by schools, churches, organizations and others to get children involved in the celebration.

In this digital age, Children’s Day has expanded to include online campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness about cyber bullying, online safety and responsible use of technology.

This is why this year’s team, “Protecting the Nigerian Child from the Dangers of Online Technology” is apt as there is no better time to explore and articulate strategies that can help protect children from the various risks associated with the increasingly digital lifestyle than now.

As children increasingly engage with digital platforms, it is crucial to educate them of the potential risks and benefits of the online world.

The Universal Declaration on the Rights of the Children asserted that children have a right to food, healthcare, education and protection from exploitation and Anambra State Government under the leadership of Prof Chukwuma Charles Soludo CFR has taken bold steps to put their rights in the forefront.

Regarding security and rights to food, Governor Soludo, on assumption of office,declared state of emergency on security, even as he introduced a total new concept to growing and producing food known as regenerative agriculture. This addresses the organic nature of the crops as natural manures are used to produce quality food.With this, the governor is not only concerned about the quantity of food but the quality.

He has equally ensured provision of quality healthcare facilities and personnel with good maternal and child health programs apart from approving promotions and prompt payment of salaries of parents to take care of their children.

The victory of Anambra schools in competitions, like that of St John Vianney College, Igbariam, Oyi Local Government Area, who won the National Girls in ICT Competition recently and a line of others are evidence of the positive impact of the present Governor’s investments in educational sector and his landmark technological revolution ongoing in the state.

Despite plans to build smart primary and secondary schools to make education top-notch in the state, Governor Soludo is treating education as fundamental right of every child irrespective of religion, ethnicity or race.

He declared mandatory free education for government owned and managed primary and junior secondary schools along with unified payment of N5,000 for senior secondary school students, putting an end to the indiscriminate levies, while positioning the state as the lowest out-of-school children ranking.

Governor Soludo is the first to allocate N20 billion to the educational sector in the 2024 Fiscal Year, marking a 140.88 percent increase in budget allocation.

The state has also been doing her best in ensuring the protection of the child’s rights and promptly arresting cases of abuse through the Ministry of
Children and Women Affairs.

There’s indeed practical evidence to show that there’s presently a government whose holistic program of development for all has begun to work.

As we celebrate our children today, there’s need for parents and caregivers to inculcate in them the spirit of patriotism for them to grow into responsible adults who perform their civic duties to enable government pursue public good.

In spite of glaring challenges which has put pressure on governments, families, institutions, groups and individuals, we must not ignore the fact that the future belongs to children and that they will become the products of what the society sow in them.

We must therefore, create time to train and monitor their activities online and encourage them to participate and support all government’s initiatives for their well being, safety and general good of the society.


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