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Seun Kuti Knocks Politicians’ Wives for Not Divorcing Their ‘Corrupt’ Husbands

Grammy-nominated afrobeat singer Seun Kuti has berated wives of Nigerian politicians for not seeking divorce despite the constant looting of the country’s funds by their spouses.

He lamented that Nigerian politicians are stealing out of greed and wondered how their wives still managed to love them.

Speaking in a recent Instagram live session, Kuti said: “You cannot see any Nigerian woman divorce a Nigerian politician for stealing from the country. Can you love a thief? Somebody that is blatantly stealing, not because he lacks anything. I can understand if he was hungry and he went out to steal to provide for his family. But these politicians are wealthy and are still ruining the lives of millions of people because of their greed. Yet, you can’t hear that their wives are seeking divorce.

“Even if you are poor, regardless of how bad your situation is, to hurt somebody else just to eat is completely wrong.”



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