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Six Ways to Avoid Valentine’s Day Billing As a Man

If you seek ideas to escape Valentine’s Day billing from your partner, here are six tactics you could implement right away, according to Vanguard;

1.Start complaining

Given that practically everyone is experiencing a harsh economy, you have a justifiable reason to offer your partner to refrain from ‘billing’ you. Begin by nagging about how much money you spend when you go out and make purchases and how this is negatively impacting your finances.

2. Stay Moody

Become silent and indifferent, especially when Valentine’s Day is discussed. This will let your partner understand what to expect on that day. And when the day itself comes, continue your sullen mood, and you find partner shrinking back from billing and more concerned about getting you back in a good mood.

3. Form Busy

Pretend to be busy even when you’re not. Keep yourself occupied with work, hobbies, or other commitments to create the impression that you have no time or energy for Valentine’s Day celebrations. This will subtly discourage your partner from making any grand plans and lower their expectations.

4. Fake Broke

You can also fake being broke to avoid a Valentine’s Day request from your partner. Pretend that you are facing financial constraints and cannot afford to splurge on extravagant gifts or outings. You could also casually bring up other bills that need to be prioritised at the time. This will help deflect any pressure from your partner to participate in Valentine’s Day activities.

5. Bank issues

This is yet another easy one to avoid the financial burden that comes with Valentine’s day. You can mention that you are currently dealing with some unexpected bank issues, such as a temporary hold on your account or a potential overdraft situation. This will give the impression that you need to be cautious with your spending and cannot afford to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

6. Act of service

Start doing things for your partner that you are not known to do on a regular basis. Some examples of acts of service could be cooking their favorite meal, doing household chores without being asked, or surprising them with a relaxing massage. Most ladies get excited by these things that they forget money or gifts but just pure acts of service from you that create a meaningful and memorable Valentine’s Day experience.




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