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Statesman ‘Ezeonwuka’ Hails Soludo Over Decongest Morgues

Ogilisi Igbo and Spiritual Leader of Igbo Nation Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka has commended Governor Chukwuma Soludo on moves to evacuate and bury dead bodies being kept in mortuaries in the state.

Angel Network News (ANN) recalls that Governor Soludo recently in a memo directed the decongestion of the mortuaries through a mass burial.

Ezeonwuka who was reacting to the directives of the governor to the Ministry of Health applauded the management of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Teaching Hospital (COOUTH) for acting swiftly by calling the public to come and take corpses of their loved ones.

Ogilisi Igbo the directive was in line with his clamour of over a decade ago.

The Spiritual Leader of Igbo maintained that if all corpse in the mortuaries were buried, the wandering spirit of the dead would be freed into the celestial real realm adding that burying them would help their loved ones to get the anger and pain of their loss more easily

Ezeonwuka, the Founder of Ogilisi Igbo Foundation described the policy as one of the best policies Soludo had made, noting that  the result will excite everybody.

“I want to thank Governor Soludo for issuing the directive that owners of corpses at COOUTH mortuary should identify and take them for burial, I want him to extend the directive to all the private and public mortuaries in Anambra.

“As a matter of fact, no dead body should be allowed to stay unburied for two months. Let us show respect for our dead loved ones, we should bury them immediately when they are confirmed dead and prepare for the funeral ceremony when ready,” he said.

Ezeonwuka said Igbo had a clean culture which should not be corrupted with unnecessary fondling of dead bodies.

He said the forefathers of Igbo nation had confirmed that when the dead was buried, the consequences.were also buried as the say, “ENIE OZU ENIE ONUMA”

He warned that the practice of pallbearers tossing corpses around was sacrilegious and should be stopped.

Ogilisi Igbo and Spiritual Leader of Igbo Nation Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka

“We should not be looking far for the cause of our problem in the Southeast, this culture of leaving dead bodies everywhere is wreaking havoc in Igbo Land, the unsettled hoovering spirits of these corpses have possessed most of our youths and turned them to zombies.

“Apart from weapons, charm and drugs which some of these youths use in committing crime, their spirit have been possessed by the spirit of these unburied corpses which now use them as zombies,” he said.


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