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Tania Okpala To Join Mrs Soludo’s Healthy Living Crusade

Anambra First Lady Mrs. Nonye Soludo, has reassured that the state government will continue to support the treatment procedures of ex-tennis champion Miss Tania Okpala, to help her get back to feet soonest.

Angel Network News (ANN) reports that the Governor’s wife, who stated this when she visited the facility where Misss Okpala is currently being taken care of, disclosed that she has a particular interest in Tania’s case, and was impressed with the pace of her recovery.

Mrs. Soludo promised that immediately the ex-tennis star is certified fit, she will be actively involved in the healthy living crusade to lead education on the dangers of drugs and substance use.

The Governor’s wife also ordered books and other learning tools that Ms. Okpala takes interest in, and promised to continue to reach out to her as she nears full recovery.

Earlier, the Chief Medical Officer of the facility said that Ms. Okpala has neared ninety-eight percent recovery, with the only thing left being social rehabilitation, that is, getting her reintegrated into the society.

For Ms. Okpala, who shared long chats with the Governor’s wife, Mrs. Soludo’s complete involvement in her recovery shows that she is a mother who looks out for everyone’s good.

She thanked the Governor’s wife for her commitment towards her case, and promised to use her story to educate anyone who has found him or herself in similar situations.


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