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Tomato Scarcity Looms As Deadly Pest Hits Kano Farms

A significant tomato scarcity is on the horizon due to an outbreak of the deadly tuta absoluta pests, also called tomato leaf miner, in several large tomato farms across Kano State.

Known locally as “Sharon” in Hausa, tuta absoluta has been a persistent threat for over a decade, affecting and damaging many farms.

The pest causes tomato leaves to burn thereby damaging the fruits, leading to rot and waste of the crop.

The pest has affected farms in Bagwai, Shanono, Kura, Garin Malam, Bebeji, Bunkure, Rano, Kibiya, part of Tudun Wada, and Dawakin Kudu local government areas where tomatoes are farmed in large quantities.

Chairman of the Kano State branch of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria (AFAN), Abdullahi Maibreadi has expressed concern over the recurring infestation of tuta absoluta.

Maibreadi lamented the recurring issue, stating that it has plagued farmers for nearly 12 years in the state.

He disclosed that AFAN’s findings indicate that 4,621 hectares of tomato farms worth N1 billion are currently affected by the disease.

Maibreadi emphasized that if the situation is not addressed within the next one to two weeks, farmers could face losses between N10 and N20 billion.

“Unfortunately, the outbreak of the disease often occurs after farmers have already invested in their crops and the tomatoes are close to harvesting,” Maibreadi lamented.

He called on both state and federal governments to intervene by providing farmers with certified, climate-resistant seeds and standard insecticides.

The Kano AFAN Chairman also stressed on the need to avoid using adulterated products that cause further losses.

He further urged support for okra farmers, who he noted to face similar outbreaks last season.

“We, as farmers, do not have the resources to acquire necessary farm inputs, but the government can collaborate with international companies to purchase and resell or subsidise them for farmers, preventing substantial losses that affect the country’s economy,” Maibreadi added.


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