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We’re suffering, Nigerians are angry with your government – Fuji legend K1 tells Tinubu

In a recent live performance, Nigerian Fuji music legend K1 conveyed the collective frustration and anger of Nigerians to President Bola Tinubu.

The iconic musician, singing in Yoruba, highlighted the challenges faced by the ordinary people, including inadequate power supply and the economic impact of policy decisions.

K1 directly appealed to President Tinubu, urging him to address the citizens’ numerous problems. He emphasized the distress and suffering experienced by Nigerians and criticized those benefiting from the misery of the masses.

“I plead with you to find a solution to the plight of the masses. The citizens are crying and wailing. We’re suffering amid a lack of adequate power supply. How did things get to this point? I implore you to fix these problems.

“We know you to be a philanthropist, but we Nigerians are angry. The people of Nigeria are angry.

“The traders in this country are not happy. Look at what the dollar has become (a reference to the exchange rate),” K1 said.

Specifically addressing the rising cases of kidnappings, K1 called on Tinubu to tackle the security issue effectively.

Despite expressing the grievances, K1 encouraged Nigerians to be patient and hopeful, assuring them that Tinubu’s government would overcome the country’s challenges.

The video of K1’s performance quickly went viral on social media.


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