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Why Tinubu’s govt must regulate social media – Fayose

Few days after Femi Gbajabiamila, chief of staff to President Bola Tinubu, hinted on fresh plans to regulate social media use in Nigeria, former Ekiti State governor has given a similar charge.

In a tweet via his X handle on Sunday, Fayose made a case for the regulation of social media with law for both platform owners and users to prevent abuse.

“Social media has become very important to our existence, no doubt, but there must be regulations guiding its usage,” the PDP chieftain said.

He went on to say that: “The truth we must all face is that we can’t keep operating an unregulated social media. Usage must be regulated in line with law for both platform owners and users.

“The world over, social media is playing major roles in crime fighting and Nigeria is not an exception.

“However, good as the social media has become, the level of its abuse and use for misinformation is worrisome. No society or responsible government will fold its arms at these excesses. It is being done in other countries.

“Though it is normal for Nigerians to be suspicious of government regulations, but users with good intentions have nothing to fear.”

Recall that Gbajabiamila had described social media as a “societal menace” while speaking at a book launch in Lagos last week.

“The social media has become a societal menace and must be regulated. As many people do not understand that once the send button is hit, there is a potential to reach millions of people around the world which is capable of causing a great danger not just in the society but even unintended consequences to the individuals that are receiving information which may include security of life,” a statement quoted Gbajabiamila as saying.


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