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Anambra Market Chairman ‘Oforle’ Tackles Toilet Issue, Dilapidated Roads

The newly appointed Caretaker Committee Chairman of Nkpor New Auto Spare-parts Market, Idemili North Local Government Area, Anambra State, Chief Obiorah Oforle Award, has within 12 days in office, tackled toilet facility and road problems confronting the market.

Addressing newsmen on his priority areas after the market prayer, Chief Award reiterated that the issue of poor state of the toilet  facilities and dilapidated roads in the market were sources of worry  to him, adding that it was the reason for him to tackle the duo first on assumption of office.

“My challenges so far since after inauguration were the condition of the toilet facilities especially the soak away pit, and the nature of the roads, but out of them, there are the essential ones, so within the 12 days in office, we can be able to evacuate the faeces from the soak away pit.

“Faeces in each of the filled soak away pits was evacuated two times to put the toilet facilities in order, and i promised to make sure that the toilets must be cleaned on hourly basis as long as the market is in session, and the pipes which were connected from the uptank to these toilet facilities are also now in good condition. 

“As I am talking to you now, my predecessor has not handed over to me, out of our pockets, we are doing it by ourselves.

“You can remember vividly, during my inaugural speech, I mentioned three things that are essential which I will tackle immediately. I talked of the soak away pit, toilet facilities and solar light, as light restricts these criminal activities and with this, we want to queue into the Governor’s mantra of ‘Operation  light Anambra State’, and I want to start by lighting New Auto Spare Parts Market.

“I want to thank the market stakeholders and pioneer members. I just convened emergency meeting with few of the stakeholders, they are more than 40 in number, out of happiness, they donated those solar lights, one of them is not less than #60,000–#70,000. These 30 pieces of solar lights cost #1.5 million and we will light up this market on or before Thursday next week. The solar lights are now ready.

“I assured them that by next week Thursday, they will all be fixed and there will be light everywhere, they just set a high jump for me and I so much thank them and promised them that in no distant time, our market will be the best in the state and Nigeria at large.”

Contributing, Sir Godwin Oguejiofor, one of the stakeholders, said that the traders of the market were happy for the new executive and the state governor.

“Our customers have started coming back, they ran away since but since two weeks now, they have started coming back again after the inauguration,” he said.

On the provision of solar light he said, “We are happy and we provided the light with happiness. We will support our chairman, as the governor said that everybody should contribute his/her quota in the development of the state, why won’t we the stakeholders of this market help in the development of our state, we all go to Dubai to buy goods and we know how Dubai looks like, so we want to make our market to be like Dubai, this is the beginning, we will do more than this,” he boasted.

Earlier, Brother Chinedu Uzo, the leader of the prayer group, speaking on the theme, “Don’t Give Up On God”, advised traders to look up on God in every tribulation, and not because of conditions seek for solution where there is none, and not to allow anybody to take them out from God no matter the situation, for God is the only saviour.


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